Boy’s painted mural ideas: Building a Life-sized Lego House

Lego police set is Jacks favorite.

Life Size Lego House

This week I was fortunate to paint a mural for a young boy named Jack. I have never seen someone soooo enthusiastic about Legos. It was my pleasure to bring the plain walls of his room to life. His favorite Lego police set was the centerpiece of the mural. It was painted on the wall opposite his bed so that every morning he could wake up and see the mural that he art directed. Bright colored legos are stacked high throughout the room that were color-matched from his new comforter and sheet set.

Even though Jack’s tall bookcase (below) would be covering most of this stack we still painted the legos tall just in case he moved his furniture down the road. Taping off each block is time consuming but gives a clean crisp edge. All he needs is a few accessories from the new Lego store coming to Eastview Mall and he’s all set.

Enjoy your room Jack!



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