Our Bittersweet MOVE

How to incorporate modern farmhouse features to your new and existing home

moving on and moving out

This week we said goodbye to our loving home of 16 years! 

It took a few weeks to find a new home for our beloved piano....

farewell serenade 

a new tune

A loving family with a beautiful new home gratefully took her in and will now be paying music for years to come.....

spread your wings

Our insta famous butterfly wing back chairs fluttered away to a new living room too....

Meanwhile someone sensed a big change coming...

He was protesting by pouting on his food bowl mat. 

It wasn't easy finding a dining room that could fit our custom made farm table. But we found one.....

heirloom love

We are loving our new temporary home! The neighborhood has welcomed us with a great big hug! 

 a new chapter

...and Bo is feeling right at home and ready to play.

back to funny business

Mama on the Move

Interior designer and stylist Amie Freling Brown believes that it's the ones inside a house that makes it a home. She is excited to share her next chapter!