Dr. Seuss Oh the Places you’ll go playroom mural


The Truffula Tree to the right seconds as a growth chart.

Perfect Playrooms

Recently a very good client renovated her house located on Lake Ontario creating one of the most beautiful homes that I have ever been in! Everything was new so I knew that there would be a laundry list of painting to tackle.The homeowner came to me with an idea of transforming her new playroom into a Dr. Seuss hideaway after becoming inspired by the recent release of The Lorax. I was especially excited because Chris Renaud the director is one my very close friends from Syracuse University.

We started with painting the walls and ceiling a sky blue color. Tying in with the fun and vibrant colors of the wood we chose a dark blue for the trim and bright golden yellow for the doors.  

I came in and started sketching away.  Big tall and dramatic hills, striped gardens and a pelter of truffle trees spanned the entire attic turned playroom.  Billowing clouds filled the sky and a large truffula tree was painted and seconds for a growth chart.

Creating this fun playroom took just two full workdays. Bright colored kids sized furniture and a large dry erase board was added to a long wall to encourage creativity!

Its now the place that all the kids congregate and spend quality time playing. Thanks to my friend Chris for keeping Dr. Seuss’s artwork alive! Oh, the places you’ll go!

This is just one of the hundreds (yes I said hundreds) of kid spaces that Ive created over my career as an artist and designer. Creating invigorating and inviting spaces has been one of my all time favorite projects. If you need help creating your child’s space feel free to contact me and we can make  your child’s dream come true! 






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