HOME selling tips

do's and don'ts from a staging expert

I wanted to take you along on a real estate staging consultation I did the other day. The realtor is having trouble getting people in the house. 

-Amie Freling

Here's why...

The Fireplace 

The best feature of this home is hidden by the dark wall color and covered up by two sofas smack dab in the middle of the room.

The Solution 

The dark green needs to go. The furniture needs to be rearranged to highlight the focal point of the room. The fireplace!

The Kitchen  

It's the nicest room in the house with high end appliances and walk-in pantry but who notices it with all these chairs?

21 chairs in total! 

The Hallway

Dark dated color on the wall and photos EVERYWHERE! Photos are fine if they're proportionate to the wall or grouped to create a large visual block.

The Solution

Paint the whole house a light cream and take down 2/3 of the photos or replace with large pieces of art.

Primary Bath

This room is huge and has great views out to the yard. The mirrors are underwhelming and the faucets are hung too high. Can you imagine the splash?

Rugs delineate spaces. If a rug is too small it's better to take it out. This room should feel like a retreat. Get a mattress and make the bed with cozy bedding.

Primary Bedroom

This house did not have a clear path to the beautiful front porch. Make your outside as inviting as the interior. Add plants, benches and a welcome mat.


These homeowners were pennywise and dollar short. Their next step is to take a $25K reduction in the asking price. They were reluctant to pay $2500. to have the interior painted. GO FIGURE!

The BIG Picture

Staged to SELL

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