Planting a Colorful Spring Flower Container Garden Centerpiece for Easter

Apr, 11, 2017

gerbera_daisies_container_garden_spring_easter_planter_flowers_white_moss_rabbits_white_farmtableHow Does Your Garden Grow?

Spring is finally here! Theres no better time than to plant a colorful Spring Flower Container Garden Centerpiece. This colorful long lasting arrangement is quick and easy to assemble. Spring to me always brings happy thoughts of green pastures and colorful flowers excited to finally burst through the dormant winter ground. I always love the smell of fresh flowers. Too many blooms are never enough.


Last week just after painting my farmhouse table white my dining area needed some serious color!  I found these potted flowers at the grocery store three for just $10. I couldn’t pass up their bright colors and fragrant smell. In jumped two hyacinth plants, pink gerbera daisies, daffodils, yellow & pink tulips and ornamental grass in my cart.  It was too early to plant them in the ground so set out to create a huge container garden for our dining room farm table. My moss covered rabbits loved the idea!



A Planter For Many Seasons

Earlier in the week I purchased this large white ceramic planter at HomeGoods for $19.99. I knew there was a reason why I was drawn to it when I brought it home my former golf course superintendent husband said “It looked just like the dimples of a golf ball.”  It was a subliminal persuasion and the white color would allow for my flowers to pop.


I headed to the floral filler aisle and purchased a bag of moss, straw and bark. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up and saw all the rich textures and colors and just how much there was.


A few years back I received this beautiful nest. I was a Christmas ornament that clips onto your Christmas tree branch. I loved it so much that I decided that it needed to be displayed all year round. The bright blue robins eggs with the world Peace, Hope, and Joy struck a cord with me. It travels around our home from plant to plant and often makes it into many of my tablescapes.



Getting’ Down and Dirty

For dirt I like to use organic compost. I turn to the Big Yellow Bag Garden Soil for my planting. It’s so pure and pitch black dark. It’s a gardener’s secret weapon for plantings.  I knew my thirsty plants would love this soil after being on the grocery store shelves.


It’s also a good idea to add small rocks to the bottom in case your pot does not have a drainage hole. This container did not so I added a few shale rocks from the front yard. I then filled the bottom of the planter roughly 4 inches deep with my dirt using  my favorite garden gloves.



Think Like Mother Nature

To create a balanced arrangement I started with the tallest plant in the center, the yellow daffodils.  Then cascading down in a circle around the daffodils I planted the next tallest, the tulips…




Each flower was spaced evenly while making sure that the color was distributed on all sides. I pressed down firmly once all the plants were assembled and added more garden soil.



Adding Textures and Interest

Im always referring to textures and interest in my interior design and when it comes to gardening it’s no exception. In the free space I placed my moss and bark pieces and the sweet nest in the front where I left a special opening…


I watered my thirsty plants with a new turquoise watering can also found at HomeGoods. The gentle rain from the watering can seeped in between all the leaves and saturated the soil perking the plants right up!

gerbera_daisies_container_garden_spring_easter_planter_flowers_white_moss_rabbits_watering_canLet it Grow

The entire process of planting all these flowers took me under 20 minutes. I now have a beautiful living fragrant container gardening filled with crocuses, hyacinth, tulips and Gerbera Daisies. It’s such a colorful centerpiece and I only wish there was smell-o-vision because you cannot believe how wonderful all these flowers smell!



On both sides of the centerpiece I placed my moss covered rabbits that have stared in my last two posts, Spring Living Room Refresh.and Setting the Farmhouse Table for Easter Brunch.  I purchased these at HomeGoods along with color colored hand-painted colored wooden eggs, Easter grass and wood drink coasters that I used to elevate my eggs and moss orbs.


Time to Transplant

In a few weeks when the ground is soft and time for Spring planting I will replant all these flowers in our front garden and my white container will hold its next treasures.


This entire container cost me around $50. and has been bringing smiles to all who enter. Although I don’t think that I have much of a green thumb this arrangement has been surviving with it’s dose of daily sunshine through our picture windows and water to keep the soil moist. I encourage you all to try planting your own living container garden! I am already scheming my Summer plantings in red, white, and blue.

Happy Easter week everyone!

xoxo Amie



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    LouAnn Washing

    April 14, 2017

    What a lovely way to begin spring after a move and cold weather. Your arrangement inspires me and the background lifts my spirits! A very Happy Easter !! Thank you for making our home sparkle !

    • Reply


      April 14, 2017

      Thank you so much LouAnn! have a wonderful Easter. I am happy to help you out. lots of love

  2. Reply

    Sarah Sofia Productions

    April 4, 2019

    Beautiful spring planter! Great tutorial, which has inspired me to try this out! Xoxo, Sarah

    • Reply


      April 5, 2019

      Thank you Sarah! It was so easy and it made the whole room smell so good! xo

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