an organized walk in closet with a center island craft station used for jewelry storage

Do you ever dream of closets? I DO and if you follow along with me on Pinterest  you can see some serious closet organizing inspiration!  My whole life I have had a small closet. Growing up my childhood closet was small and when I headed off to college I had to SHARE a small closet with a roommate. Rental closets were a bit bigger but I never really had enough space to feel like all my clothes and accessories had a home. They do now. By no means am I a fashionista, but I DO LOVE TO BE ORGANIZED! When we purchased our home 10 years ago there was a small bedroom next to the master bedroom. I have had the best time sharing  5 tips for updating our master bedroom.


Taking Over

During renovation to increase the master bath size, we took over the closet. (Did I mention that it was small too? haha)  We decided to break into the wall and create a spacious master closet. For several years we just had the perimeter closets and shelving units with a ottoman in the center.  It wasn’t until just before Christmas that I purchased the center jewelry cabinet. Then the organizing began to roll!

adding organization trays for your jewelry gets you organized

Building the Dream

I have always seen these great walk-in closets with a center island. I began to think about putting a dresser in the middle but it never seemed to work space wise until I came across the Martha Stewart craft furniture. It was deep, had several drawers, a shelf for shoes and baskets and on sale. It was perfect for closet organizing.  After assembling the Martha Stewart Living Three Drawer File and Craft Cabinet

Time To Shop

I headed to HomeGoods for drawer organizers. These fit perfectly in the shallow drawers.  The are made with woven leather and a shimmery gold and cream velvet interior. I also purchased from HomeGoods several sets of white linen and gold plaid storage boxes. I also picked up a pack of crystal knobs and changed out the ordinary plain white knobs that came with the unit. The 12 pack was only 12.99!

dream-walk-in-closet-organizing-jewelry-clothes-homegoods-crystal-knobs-hardware-storage-crystal-knobs-hardwareDecorating Tip

Update and personalize the look of a piece of furniture immediately by changing out the hardware. Shop crystal and glass cabinet hardware here. I just love how the light hits the cabinet face when the sun is shining.

Purging and Letting Go

Over the Christmas break I purged and donated a bunch of clothes, accessories and shoes. It was the best feeling to fold everything up and to see just what I had.  I sorted my shirts, sweaters, and pants by color. Let’s see how long this closet organizing lasts.


Getting Organized

As I mentioned earlier,  we had a large 40 by 40 inch ottoman. Sounds wonderful but it was the “clothes collector.”  Tucked in the corner was my childhood dresser that I stored scarves, hats and my jewelry in and on top of. There was no rhyme or reason and items were scattered in bowls, boxes and plates with loose change, hair ties and receipts.

I purchased these gorgeous linen wrapped jewelry display pieces. My jewelry never looked so pretty. I took out and displayed my most favorite pieces and stored the others in the drawers. My daughter Chloe came in and said “Mom. it looks like a boutique. Where was all this hiding? ” I better take inventory! Haha


I just couldn’t pass up this brass and glass mirrored artisan box. It now holds all my treasures. It’s the chicest closet organizing.


The tall brass metal jewelry hanger displays all my most used necklaces all nice and neat so they don’t get knotted up! The orange carnival glass dessert bowl was found at at garage sale for $2!  I can’t pass up anything orange and it adds just the perfect pop of color. I store my summertime cuff bracelets in it.



This linen covered necklace display is the perfect spot to display all my current favorites!


The lined drawers jewelry dividers fit perfectly like a puzzle. I even found lucite small trays for earrings and divided trays for my bracelets and watches.



How could you pass up this white paisley embossed divider?


Bins and Baskets

I began to organize my socks, underwear, work out clothes, scarves and belts in these gold and leather storage bins also from HomeGoods. a gold and black tray holds my perfume bottles and inspirational art leans on the back wall. A vintage gold and black mid century modern lamp casts a warm light at night.




Well its January 10th and so far my New Year’s Resolution of getting and keeping organized has stuck. I’m wearing clothes I have forgotten I had and have kept the dirty clothes pile from getting taller than me. If your dream closet doesn’t seem possible try converting some space in your attic or basement. Switching out your clothes seasonally also helps give your more room.

TIP:Try under the bed storage boxes or storage ottomans at the end of your bed. Hang a clear plastic shoe organizer behind the door to hold belts, jewelry and scarves. There are so many options.

closet organization, organizing ideas, master bedroom walk-in closets

Before And After

Tear down that wall Mr. Contractor! You can see below where the old wall dividing the two room was removed. We pushed the wall back and added the pocket doors into the new closet. I am standing in the old closet which then became the master bath.

creating-master-closet-walk-in-renovations-diy-storage-solutions-beforeDrywall up and ready for paint!


What have been your resolutions and if getting organized what room do you need help with? I’d love to hear your DIY inspirations.

color coded clothes are arranged in this big walk in closet , jewelry organization


Shop these and my all time Fav stylish storage solutions for rooms and closets of any size! 

Happy Organizing! xox Amie

a collage of the best storage pieces for your closet or walk in pantry

Three storage ottomans! 

lift-top-storage-ottman-nailhead-linen-footstool-tufted-solutionslucite and leather tray dividers.





  1. Reply

    Patricia Presto

    January 12, 2017

    Incredible – each picture a delight! Great project & wonderful solutions!

    • Reply


      January 21, 2019

      Thank you so much Patty! Love me some organizing!

  2. Reply

    LouAnn l

    March 20, 2017

    Brilliant! Just take over my life!

    • Reply


      January 21, 2019

      Thank you LouAnn!

  3. Reply


    January 21, 2019

    This room is amazing Amie!! I love your organization and pretty jewelry displays! Our last house had a huge walk in closet that I miss so much. Using the bedroom next to your master was such a smart idea!

    • Reply


      January 21, 2019

      Thank you so much Lisa! Yes that and my pantry happen to be my favorite rooms in our home. LOL. I must like organization. I hope you are keeping warm. xoxo

  4. Reply


    January 21, 2019

    Now I want a new closet! This has to stop…… LOVE your organizing items. So pretty, Amie!

    • Reply


      January 21, 2019

      You are too funny! You’re getting a new house practically! Your master is next on the list. I promise. xo

  5. Reply


    April 26, 2020

    LOVE your closet transformation!! where did you get the metallic cow hide storage boxes? I’m in love!!

    • Reply


      April 26, 2020

      Hi there! They are from HomeGoods. I cant wait until they are open soon! Try HomeSense also when everything is open.

  6. Reply

    Kimber Ley

    March 20, 2024

    A beautifully organized closet enhances the overall aesthetic of your home too. Well written blog!

    • Reply


      March 20, 2024

      Thank you so much! have a great day.

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