Building a Bright Modern Farmhouse Home with Black Exterior Windows

· Are black exterior windows here to stay? ·

Mar, 31, 2021

Modern white farmhouse with black exterior windows and black metal roof, Morrell Builders

Modern Farmhouse

To say that I have a satisfying job is an understatement. I am so happy that I get to do what I love each day and making selections for my most recent model was no different. The Piper Meadows neighborhood is in Victor, NY and built by Morrell Builders. But in the beginning it didn’t look like the above rendering. In fact is was far from it!  I am excited to be back blogging and sharing the exterior selections of a modern farmhouse home with white vertical and horizontal siding, black roof with black metal roof accents, black exterior windows and wood stained corbels, headboard ceilings and garage doors.

Amie Freling Brown at Morrell Builders Piper Meadows new modern farmhouse home in Victor NY

Building during a Pandemic

Let’s start by mentioning that most of this home was designed remotely during a pandemic. Jeff Morrell’s vision of the Piper Meadow model was dark and mostly covered with stone and wood accents. Think Colorado mountain lodge. While Colorado mountain lodge is beautiful, I felt that Rochester and Morrell needed a new look  for this model. I found inspiration from my Utah designer friends and fell in love with their interpretation of the Modern Farmhouse. It just took a few weeks of bombarding Jeff with Pinterest images of bright white homes with black exterior windows and with the help of marketing and sales he said YES to my vision. wooden corbels hold up the small black metal roof over the black exterior windows at Piper Meadows

White Siding

I knew I wanted horizontal and vertical siding to create interest and to bring your eye up.  We used Glacier White siding and trim by Coventry. The next was the windows! We chose VWD black windows on the exterior and white on the interior. The contrast is definitely a game changer! Under the overhang roof we chose wood stained corbels. Adding wood element to this black and white home was necessary to tie in a natural element and add warmth. details of the exterior of the modern farmhouse at Piper meadows in Victor NY by Morrell Builders

Soffit Lighting

We added small inset puck lighting at the corner of each bump out. These inconspicuous lights softly shine down on the house rather than large heavy flood lights that stand out.  It was the little touches that were going to make this model stand out and grab the attention of potential buyers. I was chatting with a follower on my Instagram and she mentioned that “she loves driving by the house with the gorgeous black exterior windows at night and loved how it looked al lit up. “plygem Cobble Shade Mountain stone is going up on the piper Meadows model home in victor ny

Cut Cobble Stone Accents

In recent years stone has been a big player in the facade of a home. In this instance I wanted a stone element but in a small vertical application. The mostly white body visually creates a larger house. For the stone, I selected PlyGem Cut Cobble in PA Lime. The gray black and white modern farmhouse was shaping up! As I mentioned earlier this cool house needed some warmth with wood elements. The headboard ceiling of the front covered porch was stained rather than painted white. In addition the three car garage from CHI Madison square is in the cedar finish to compliment the corbels and front porch ceiling.

view of the ceiling in the piper meadow model home in vector ny. stained wood beadboard Matte Black Lighting

For Exterior lighting I chose the classic Grandbury Collection from Progress Lighting. The line has in several size options and the black metal is classic Modern Farmhouse. You will find more of the matte black as you enter. Most of the lighting inside is matte black. I thread the black through the entire house for a cohesive modern look. Here is a peak of the wallpaper for the home office! Dark, dramatic, yet casual and inviting. deciding on what wallpaper to use in the home office.

Time For Landscaping

The snow is now melting and the landscaping can begin. The front door will be painted in Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray Sw7068 and soon reality will catch to the rendering!  It is completely different look the last model home at Alpine Ridge in Pittsford NY. Each one I love more than the next. Can’t wait to share more!

Amie exterior white farmhouse, waiting on the landscaping

What do you think of that X window above the front door?


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