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Jan, 18, 2022

To say that attending the Atlanta Market at AmericasMart is a highlight of my year is an understatement! Who wouldn’t want to gather with the top trending gift, home decor and furniture manufacturers and see what will pop up in our stores, online and in magazines? For five long days ( 15K+ steps each day) I shopped, attended seminars, met up with fellow designers Yuni and Rhonda and soaked up all the new looks. I am so excited to share with you 8 home decor and color trends for 2022. Whether you like them or not…. here they come!
americasmart wholesale buying and trend forecasting for color and home decor Atlanta Mart Market

1. Seventies Inspired Color Palette

They say what goes around comes around. For those old enough to live through the 70’s you may be all too familiar with this groovy color palette. Mustard golds, terracotta, avocado green, soft blush pink, minty green and wicker tans will be popping up in everything from furniture, rugs, pillows, candles, wall art, to planters. Yes! Plants are back in full force so gather your potting soil and work that green thumb.


70's inspired color palette of 2022. Retro and vintage inspired colors like mustard yellow, terracotta and minty green

2. Gold and Brass

For a few years now gold and brass have been emerging as a forerunner in lighting, furniture, plumbing fixtures and home decor. For 2022 color and home trends it seems that this warm finish has taken first place. Not your gramma’s brass door hardware but a soft weathered inviting finish that pairs well with black and iron. Keep an eye out for new designs that go well with both traditional and modern styles.

gold and brass lighten g, chandeliers and furniture in this showroom at the Atlanta Americasmart

3. Bold and Graphic Prints

Flower power and geometric fabrics and prints become a focal and conversion piece. The white on white and beige on beige get paired with an eye catching accessory to the room.  Layering these pattern and colors are welcomed as I go deeper into that in a bit.  If your commitment to neutral decor is a strong one ( I know who you are!) then try adding accent pillows or a graphic throw blanket. It’s an affordable alternative to an upholstered chair or large area rug. Remember my favorite colorful swivel rocker chairs from our cottage?

bold graphic prints and fabric patterns on furniture in Atlanta Gift and furniture showroom

4. Wicker, Rattan and Cane

I mean.. what’s not to love? This natural material was EVERYWHERE this year at market. From vintage inspired replicas to new and modern uses, there is something for every taste and style. I feel in love with the wicker tables seen below. Such a fresh and whimsical approach to this age old material. Tablecloth optional! Not quite ready to dive into a piece of furniture. Try a poufwicker tray, mirror ,or accent chair. Ever since I purchased a nightstand and two chairs for a blog post for HomeGoods I have been hooked. Don’t rule out affordable thrift store and Marketplace pre-loved items.

wicker rattan and cane furniture lighting and home decor and furniture at the Atlanta gift mart.

5. Matte Black and White

If you have been a follower of my blog or Instagram feed then you know that I LOVE all things black and white. I feel that this pair is so timeless. Add any color to them and it works. Even gray, browns and navy work! Several showrooms featured black walls paired with stark white and highlighted colors. Not a glossy lacquered look but a soft matte black and white with loads of textures. Look for handmade pottery, planters, bowls, lamps, vases, candleholders, sculptures and more.  Mix black and white with metals and  lush fabrics for a collected look.

matte black and white furniture, lighting and home accessories are on trend for 2022

6. Graphic Murals and Wall Art

The feature wall is back! You just have to mention the word mural and you have my attention. I started my design journey as an artist and muralist. To see that these hand made larger than life art is making a resurgence makes me so happy.  Whether you create your own art or order a wallpaper mural, the visual impact will make your room stand out.  Not sure if your artistic talents can get you there? Stretched canvases are so affordable now. Use left over house paint and create your own abstract art. Trust me you don’t need to be Van Gogh to make an Instaworthy masterpiece. graphic murals and colorful wall art are featured in the trends of 2022

7. Delft and Flow Blue

It’s no secret that my favorite color is blue. All shades of blue, I am not biased. But this year Deft and Flow blue was very prevalent. From traditional planters to wallpaper and fabrics, art, lamps, and dinnerware this busy happy pattern has come alive.  I fell in love with these paper lanterns! Over the past years I have been collecting more and more. The thrift stores offer affordable finds. For under $20. you can create a stunning gallery wall of mixed and matched plates and platters.

Delft and flow blue pottery home accents and fabrics are in style for 2022

8. Mix and Match

Last, but not least mix and match anything. I had a hard time categorizing this last one. Basically, most of the rules are thrown out the door. Matchy matchy is so passe.  LOL.  The days of finding the “right” beige to go with your sofa, rug and art is GONE!  It’s perfectly fine to pair modern art with your gramma’s sofa. Mix your metals, patterns, wood species, decor styles, colors and have a blast doing it.  For 2022 color and home trends it’s about your home becoming a reflection of you.

mix and matching colors and patterns are in style for 2022

Thinking that your home needs an new facelift after quarantine? Try shopping your own home and rearranging furniture, art, and decor. Turn your formal dining room into a home office, take off the doors to that hall closet and make a home bar or gift wrapping station, take up macramé, color code your books,  wallpaper your closet or give that old table a new look with a coat of paint and cutting down the legs to make a spectacular coffee table.

2022 is the year of “doing what makes you happy.” … and yes, I have done all the above mentioned.

mixing wood special and having reclaimed wood with new furniture pieces are on trend for 2022

2022 Color and Paint Forecast

Color is my jam. As a self proclaimed color geek I have loved color, paint, and creating inviting spaces for years. I was the student in color theory class who immersed herself in the philosophy of how color affects our moods and the workings behind the color wheel. On a weekly basis I give color consults on exterior and interior paints. There are certain colors that I am drawn to and see as emerging colors. That is my color loving friend Rachel Moeller, Account Executive for Sherwin Williams.  She’s giving a color seminar in the background. If you love color you should go follow her Instagram page for unlimited inspiration.

the Sherwin Williams designer library and showroom in Atlanta at the Americasmart Atlanta Market for whole buyers

Below is a list of Sherwin Williams paint colors that I guarantee you will see in 2022. What is your favorite and how do you see yourself using them in your space? Often I get asked what is my favorite white. Right now, I am loving Sherwin Williams SW 9585 Sunbleached. For trim I love SW 9541 White Snow or Alabaster and for a black I am drawn to a black with a color undertone. Try looking for a blue black, brown black, or my favorite SW 6994 Greenblack.

Happy New Year! Now go paint the town! xox Amie


Amie Freling color consultant and trend forecaster predicts that these colors will be on trend for 2022


  1. Reply

    Claire Kaler

    January 26, 2022

    Hi Amie! Can’t wait to see what you will be working on this year!

    • Reply


      January 26, 2022

      Good Morning Claire! Its starting out with a bang. We have our lake house renovation starting this Summer and lots of good renovations in the cue. Keep warm my friend! xo

  2. Reply

    Gina Speedy

    January 30, 2022

    Oh I love following you & your Amazing ideas!!!!
    Thank you ❤️

    • Reply


      January 30, 2022

      Hi Gina! Thank you! I need to chat with you. Call or text me this week. xoxo

  3. Reply

    amy petrone

    January 31, 2022

    Love ALL these trends!! Can’t wait to incorporate some into my home…now off the re-arrange my bookshelves lol! Thanks for the design tips!

    • Reply


      January 31, 2022

      Thanks Amy! I am telling you that you would GO CRAZY there and want to redo everything. It is seriously dangerous!

  4. Reply


    February 25, 2022

    Hi Amie,
    When using SW Sunbleached for interior walls (since this does not come in a matte finish) which finish would you recommend for a sunny room? Looking forward to hearing you advice. – Linda

    • Reply


      February 25, 2022

      Hi Linda! I would recommend Sherwin Williams eg-shel or satin finish. Please email me a picture of your finished project. would l love to see it. Amie

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