How-to Decorate with  GRAY

and not go overboard

-Amie Freling


Gray  will not go  out of style.  It has become a neutral and is here to stay.  But there is such a thing as overdoing it.  Find your balance.

create interest with a statement

graphic wallpaper

mix in

black & white

play with patterns

mix, match and layer patterns in different values for visual interest

Don't be afraid to mix warm woods and stone with grays

Flooring  is a great way to introduce gray

touch of gray

Never decorate the entire space all gray.  Instead, vary the amount of gray from room to room so visually each room doesn't wash the next out.  

Interior design color balance.


accent color

 pop of color




when choosing wall colors consider the amount of light and what mood you want to create. 

light & airy

or dark 



paint  is the cheapest way to change the look of a room

designer tip

Color geek

"Life is too short for white walls" according to Interior designer & color consultant Amie Freling. She shares her signature blend of patterns and colors with clients ranging from restaurants & businesses to residential homes of all sizes.