Dream Closet Organizing

Simple ways to love your closet space whether big or small


How many times have you found a piece of clothing and forgotten that you had it? Time to get organized and wear what you love!

time to purge!

donate clothes you haven't worn in a year. 

Splurge on pretty jewelry organization that you will have for years! 

It's amazing how much you will find hidden in jewelry boxes. 

Display your favorites in style!

decorative bins & boxes

Contain scarves, bathing suits, socks and underwear in bins and boxes. 

Keep your favorite shoes, boots and sandals up front and center!

These shoes were made for walking

Now get out and hit the...



Interior designer Amie Freling is a sucker for a beautiful pair of shoes. All her life she has had a small closet. Now she has found the secret to a n organized closet!