Rocking  Chair


I have been on a mission to find a solid rocking chair that doesn't look like my Gramma's old rocker. 

-Amie Freling

These babies weigh 45 pounds each and won't chip, bust or tip over outside!

Enter the BCP all weather rocker

Also comes in black, gray and brown!

Each piece came wrapped and assembly took just 20 minutes or less. 

Easy assembly


It came with an Allen wrench. You supply the muscles.

no fancy  tools needed


using a hammer and nail I created a pilot hole to get the screw going

Get Rollin'

Just like the three bears, my whole family got their own rocker!

this rocker is just right

My husband Ross now plays guitar on our back patio and all the neighbors love his serenade.

ROCKIN' into the night!

Meet me on the Porch

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