Shed Turned Bunkhouse

tiny living at its best

on a cold April  morning an ordinary pre-made shed was delivered on our lake house property... 

-Amie Freling

But it wouldn't stay ordinary for too long... I headed to  The Home Depot for supplies..


  My dad and I transformed this 120 sq. foot shed in just 3 weeks.

fabulous bunkhouse was in the making!

we used reclaimed wood paneling and bead board for the interior

Walls & Ceiling

time for the bunks

We built the bunks in our woodshop and assembled on site. 


We chose a brick red to match the main cottage 

Time to paint  Time to paint  Time to paint

  Paddle on in and see more of this lakeside retreat  on the blog

Ready for Summer Guests

want more bunkhouse inspo? 

Orange Tank winner

Interior designer & DIY expert   Amie Freling was the winner of  The Home Depot's Orange Tank Challenge (Think Shark Tank for Do it yourselfers) when she pitched turning a pre-made shed into a lakeside bunkhouse.