secrets to styling


You don’t have to have a mac daddy shelving unit to get beautiful styled shelves.

-Amie Freling


simple steps  to a perfect shelfie


1.  start with a blank slate

Sometimes it's difficult to see beyond what was there so I recommend taking down all the decor and beginning with empty shelves. 

2. mix

old & new


Your home should be a refection of you and your interest. Bookcases and shelves are the perfect spot to highlight your collections or favorite things.

Group like colored books together for a clean stylized look.


4.  play 

with books


If I don’t care for the spine font color or subject, I turn the book around and the pages become a resting spot for the eye. When styling bookcases arrange groupings both horizontal and vertical.

5. art & frames

Lean or hang artwork and picture frames to the back of the bookcase

layer color & texture

Strive for a balance between colors and textures on each shelf.  Blue glassware, books, photo albums, and pottery compliment greenery and frames.  


design tip

stack  boxes & baskets

Boxes and baskets are the perfect spot to hide remotes, games & cards, hand held devices and all sorts of treasures.

7. swap out decor

Take pictures of your finished and favorite styling. And do not forget to swap out seasonal decor and family pictures for a updated look when styling bookcases.




more styling tips from Amie


shelfie queen

Interior designer & stylist  Amie Freling loves books!  Styling shelves is one of her all time favorite design tasks.  You’ll find Amie hidden in the book section at the next garage, tag or library sale.