Painting  Concrete floors

what to use when 

We had this cozy covered porch off our bedroom that was never used. It desperately needed a makeover!

-Amie Freling

Starting with a clean slate

One warm day we got out the power washer and cleaned the concrete.

let dry overnight

Concrete Stain

Colortop Concrete Stain from H & C is the bomb! I purchased it at my local Sherwin-Williams. 

Can mix to any color!

Tight Spaces

Use a small brush to cut into  tight areas and corners.

The stain is the consistency of buttermilk so roll on carefully and generously.

Get Rollin'


Let dry overnight before you apply a second coat for full coverage.

Dry Time

Clean up spills fast!

This stuff works! I spilled some when moving my paint tray and it is on there good! 


PORCH perfection!

Our back porch is now a cozy inviting place to relax.  Come take a seat!

Meet me on the Porch

Turning small unused spaces into inviting cozy spots is on top of Interior Designer and Artist Amie Freling's favorite makeover list. Come follow along for more DIY.