How-to whitewash BRICK

a simple, affordable & fast paint technique

-Amie Freling


You don't need to be a PRO to update your dark brick fireplace. With just a quart of paint, painter's tape, brush and a rag you can transform the entire look in an afternoon!

No need to remove insert. Just tape off brick using painter's tape. Drop cloth the floor too....

Mix two parts latex paint with one part glaze or water. Start at top and brush on using a circular motion.

Catch those drips fast with a wet brush 

mistakes happen

No worries. Keep a slightly wet cloth nearby and remove excess paint. 

too much paint?

Check from all angles for missed spots. Use a smaller brush for those tight mortar areas. 

Let it dry

After the paint dries, remove the tape, step back, and admire your hard work! 

You are not limited to white. Try using a warm cream, gray or even black for a dramatic effect.

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Interior designer and artist Amie Freling grew up with a paintbrush in her hand. She has been teaching faux finishing and painting for over 25 years.  Come paint the town !