Fixer Upper Inspired

Welcome to Alpine Ridge with the  coolest garden house. Definitely not your cookie cutter community center! 

-Amie Freling

Morrell Builders thought outside-the-box for activities and amenities for it's residents.

They built a raised garden and greenhouse for events and gardening! 


They brought me in to decorate. There was one hitch... all the decor had to be VINTAGE.

The reclaimed wood wall would become a gallery of vintage goodness!


It was like a puzzle hanging all the decor! 


An old painter's ladder becomes a plant stand for fresh flowers and vegetables

when old becomes COOL

Gallery wall complete!

 A banquet table and old tins are great for parties and events.

A folding wallpaper table becomes a carefree gardening station. 

potting station

Farm Table & Chairs

The 15 foot farm table and 20 chairs are ready for the next party!

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Vintage Lover

Interior designer and stylist Amie Freling never found a yard sale she didn't like! Her husband Ross says she can assess a sale going 40 MPH.