not just for reading! Ideas for decorating and so much more...

-Amie Freling


If you know me, you know that I am a total bibliophile! I never discard books. NEVER! Come see the wonderful creative ways to upcycle books.

vintage goodness

The pages are just as interesting as the spines. If you don't like the title, take off the dust jacket and turn the books around.

turn cheap paperbacks into 

gifts & home decor 

wallpaper a


I used a vintage boating manual in this lakeside home

build a sculpture like in NYC's ABC Carpet showroom

group by colors and display on a coffee table


Tear out pages of damaged books and use for art paper and frame interesting book illustrations for inexpensive art!

children's books make adorable

fairy houses

craft time

Books can help hide valuables in plain sight!

so clever!

book worm

Interior Designer and Stylist Amie Freling never met a book she didn't like.... unless it was in a moldy wet basement.  Come discover more creative ways that Amie uses this affordable home decor.