Awesome Boy themed MURALS

Inspiration and ideas that aren't just for boys!

-Amie Freling


Children are fabulously curious, and passionately imaginative so when it comes to finding mural inspiration for a boy's room I look no further than than a favorite experience or hobby.

Bring your favorite pillow and your love for cars to life with a bright colored cartoon mural.  


maybe it's your favorite baseball team

or a special trip to an iconic stadium or field

Yankee Stadium

Grandpa's train set 

maybe you inspiration comes from a family member's  hobby 

or maybe a book comes to life where your BFFs are friendly dinosaurs..

or maybe you finally get to play on your hockey 



a family retreat

Maybe it's a scene from your family's cottage or favorite vacation spot. See more of this room that was featured on HGTV

or your favorite gaming character comes to life!  

The inspiration is endless!

mural mama

"Life is too short for white walls" according to Interior designer & muralist Amie Freling. She shares her passion for painting and creating dream kid spaces by turning ho-hum rooms into works of art.