10 tips to setting a perfect

Easter Table

layer linens


Start with a table runner,  tablecloth, placemats or even covering the table with craft paper. I have even used a pretty scarf as a focal point! 



Gather faux or fresh flowers and display in the middle or all down the center of your table. 

hop hop

Add your favorite bunnies. I added a moss covered rabbit, and two ceramic cuties I found while shopping recently.


what would Easter be without eggs?



add dyed, decorated, painted, plastic filled, candy or chocolate eggs


vary heights  for interest

Make sure your table is interesting from all angles. One way to achieve that is adding decor of all heights like candlesticks.

Life is way to short to keep the good stuff hidden away. Get out Gramma's china, your favorite flatware or those nice cloth napkins you've been hiding!

use the good stuff!


mix & match


Don't have enough matching plates & napkins? No problem. Mix and match whatever you have for a fun one of a kind place setting!

make it personal

Get creative with your setting!  Personalize with a name card, or a gourmet candy bar wrapped with a ribbon and name tag cut from  fancy scrapbook paper.

NO. 3


hints from Heloise


After years of waitressing, I finally figured out on what side the silverware goes! Salad and dinner forks on the left side. Spoon and knife faced in on the right.  Napkin under the forks.

have fun!


Don't sweat the small stuff!  Have fun, share stories, embrace being together & enjoy your meal whether it's pizza takeout or a 5-course gourmet meal!

Come take a seat!

Interior designer & stylist Amie Freling loves to set a table! .... and it's never the same table twice so follow along and watch Amie paint the town, shop and set any table for any occasion and on any budget.